Logging in

Having issues logging in to Moodle? This guide will help.

Where to log in

You can log in to the Moodle web page by visiting http://seark.mrooms3.net

To the left handside of the page, beneath the SEARK logo, you should see a Login Box that contains two fields, one for user name and the other for password.

Input the following information in these fields:


Your user name will be your first initial combined with your last name and last three digits of your student ID.

EX: Eddie Gordon 658819 would have the following username; egordon819


Your password will be your 8 digit birthdate. S

EX: January 2, 1981 would have the following password; 01021981

EX: December 3, 1975 would have the following password; 12031975

After your information is complete click the login button that is below the Username and Password field. You should now be logged in to the Moodle System

If your are still having issues feel free to email us at library@seark.edu. You may also want to visit the contact us page for additional contact information such as direct phone numbers.