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New Students

New students with a student ID# greater than 0086465 will use their student 7-digit ID number found on their student ID card as their username. Passwords for these students will be your six digit date of birth.

Example: Student with ID# 0086465 and Date of Birth 01-03-1987
Username: 0086465 Password: 010387

Existing or Past Students

If your student ID# is less than 0086465, your user name will be your first initial combined with your last name and last three digits of your student ID. Your password will be your 8 digit birth date.

EX: Eddie Gordon 0058819 would have the following username; egordon819
Example: December 3, 1975 would have the following password; 12031975

After your information is complete click the login button that is below the Username and Password field. You should now be logged in to the Moodle System.

If you are still having issues feel free to email us at moodlehelp@seark.edu. You may also want to visit the contact us page for additional contact information such as direct phone numbers.